For more than 40 years, DEUTSCHE INDUSTRIEBAU has been your European industry professional for high-quality prestige module construction, premium system modules, innovative hall construction and public construction projects. Our claim- innovative, sustainable construction combined with customer-specific ideas and customizations. DEUTSCHE INDUSTRIEBAU possesses a decisive company history, as well as a strong team, characterized by motivation and passion.

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Managing partner VOLKER WESTERMANN

The entrepreneur Volker Westermann, born in Lippstadt and Westphalia, has formed a group of companies of considerable size that is known internationally. Due to further expansion and investments, he is now responsible for more than 200 employees.

In 1980, at the age of just 25, Volker Westermann ventured into self-employment. After just one year, he had built the first large camp residential facilities for military airline corporations abroad. In 1985, he expanded his field of activity to include innovative hall construction and just-in-time module rental, which until then had not been widely available on the German market. Volker Westermann has recognized the potential of system construction and is aware of how to cope with the change in the industry and develop synergies strategically.


The headquarters of DEUTSCHE INDUSTRIEBAU in Geseke bundles sales, planning, production and logistics. With over 150 employees, projects are developed and implemented here. In addition, samples are presented in the 150,000m² factory & exhibition space.


The Indupark is the heart of DEUTSCHE INDUSTRIEBAU. In order to guarantee that the customer receives the simplest and shortest possible construction time, all construction processes are prepared at the Indupark.

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The Lippstadt site is situated in the Lippstadt Am Mondschein industrial estate. The Finance and Marketing departments are located across 10,000m². With a distance of only 15km between the two sites, short communication paths are guaranteed.


The Borgentreich Natzungen site was opened in 2021 to provide DEUTSCHE INDUSTRIEBAU with additional storage capacity. In this way, faster and more effective logistics can be guaranteed.

The VOLKER WESTERMANN GROUP forms the mantle of the cross-industry network in the heart of Westphalia. The hotels, real estate and a renowned business location stand for exclusive service and individual support.

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The Volker Westermann Group offers an industry-wide network. In addition to DEUTSCHE INDUSTRIEBAU, our network of expertise includes the business park Lippe Ems, the LOGISTICS PARK Westfalen Lippe, the four-star lifestyle hotels & exclusive living and boarding houses and prestigious real estate for office and practice areas, hall and logistics areas, as well as exclusive catering areas.

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The Lippe-Ems business park has long been established as a business location and is the perfect location for more and more companies, start-ups and freelancers. Synergy effects are felt here day after day. The many well-known companies in one location benefit from one another – a unique industry mix in a dynamic location for business & work quality.


We offer design suites and perfectly furnished design serviced apartments at 5 locations in the Lippstadt area. Our 4-star hotels, KURHAUS Design Boutique Hotel and salinenparc Design Budget Hotel provide ideal accommodation for the discerning guest, whether you are traveling on business or planning a holiday with your partner. For longer stays, our boarding houses boast spacious design serviced apartments for exclusive living & company boarding.

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In the heart of Westphalia, Volker Westermann has numerous prestigious properties for office and practice spaces, hall and logistics spaces, as well as centrally-located modern apartments and penthouse apartments. The purchase of central and well-known real estate and the exclusive revaluation through renovation and modernisation work offer new opportunities. In the meantime, entire urban areas have been upgraded, and both urban life and the business climate are gaining momentum.