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Deutsche Industriebau-general acceptance,
This means our acceptance of the construction risk additionally to the construction works as well as the financing of your objects. Afterwards you can buy these, rent or lease at the formerly agreed conditions.

Deutsche Industriebau-leasing municipal,
As a local authority you will provide a property area and Deutsche Industriebau assumes construction performances and rental fincancing. You will rent the finished object for the agreed period and available state support will be used for amortisation. The rent partly flows into a rental loan and with purchase of the object after contraction period, the saved loan reduces the purchase price. With contract extension the municipality will obtain the saved balance for free use.


Freely selectable interior equipment
  • financing via our company and not via your home bank. Your credit facilities with your home bank remain unaffected
  • We ensure immediate, unlimited use and payment within reasonable rates
  • You will obtain financing and building supply from one hand

  1. The purchase price inlcuding interest is diveded by term.
  2. With the first rate the total VAT will become due ( which can be claimed immediately as input tax at your tax authority), then monthly net rates will be paid.
  3. You become fiscally owner with tax decreasing amortisation potential.
    After the payment of the last rate you will become beneficial owner.


Upon request, we shall gladly offer you our favourable conditions.


Your advantage
  1. According to the following table, the purchase price will be multiplied with the monthly factor, the resulting rate hereof will be paid monthly during the fixed leasing period (plus VAT).
  2. After expiry of the leasing period you will have the possibility to buy the building at residual value.


Below mentioned please find our not binding leasing rates. (At any time,we gladly offer you our conditions with full amortisation, upon request):

Leasing time / rental residual value
in %
net acquisition
in €
48 months 45 % < 500.000 6,50 % 1,5397 %
> 500.000 6,40 % 1,5336 %
60 months 40 % < 500.000 6,65 % 1,3921 %
> 500.000 6,55 % 1,3861 %
72 months 35 % < 500.000 6,75 % 1,2900 %
> 500.000 6,65 % 1,2841 %
84 months 30 % < 500.000 6,75 % 1,2099 %
> 500.000 6,65 % 1,2041 %
96 months 25 % < 500.000 6,85 % 1,1531 %
> 500.000 6,75 % 1,1474 %

Mortage (quotation HypoVereinsbank)


We are able to calculate current conditions for you, everyday.

Credit repayment conditions

80% counted from the sales price in line with the market resp. from the reasonable manufacturing costs.

Processing fee

not applicable monthly

Provision rates

0,25% from the 3rd month after application


at least 1% ( plus saved interest), immediate settlement

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