Representative and modular education facilities

Constructions of universities and colleges can be accomplished with the help of our prestigious modular construction quickly, flexible and along with appealing design, which could be up to 30% more budget-friendly than normal massive construction. Seminar rooms, auditoriums, office rooms, laboratory buildings and kitchens/canteens as well as sanitation facilities can be integrated if requested.

The finest architects from our own house will make your vision come true. Our modular construction provides individual room, color and glass design and combinations, as well as numerous optional designed features, which are completely free for your choosing.

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The modular construction is flexibly extendable as the space requirements vary. Wether if it’s new construction or extension of your original buildings, the DEUTSCHE INDUSTRIEBAU GROUP along with its almost 40 years of industry knowledge will provide you a quick, budget-friendly and high-quality solution in modular construction.

Here you can find some public buildings for reference..

With our integrated service we will be by your side from consulting, contract drafting, planning of implementation (such as obtaining permit and carrying into execution) to handing over the house the key. For which you may choose, any kind of payment method as you wish from payment in installments, direct paymant and leasing.




Municipal Constructions
Dormitories & accommodations
Kindergartens, schools & universities
Premium line expansion modules
Design & ambiance in modular construction
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