Residential Accommodation

Flexible space requirements for dormitories & accommodations

One of the advantages of modular construction is the repeating components of every individual room, since the living spcae can be freely expanded upon the changing number of guests. Even a relocation is possible. Our modular construction is especially suitable for student dormitories and accommodations for asylum seekers and refugees.

The low costs and possibility of significant saving time in comparison to the massive construction make our solutions especially attractive. With variable regulation of room module, application of qualitative materials, as well as high-quality interior decorations, our buildings could meet the most demanding requirements.[/one_half]

With the help of our modular construction, we are creating mobile home container, Residential Accommodation and accommodations, all according to your individual ideas and keeping a balance between functionality and appealing design.

As a short term solution, DEUTSCHE INDUSTRIEBAU GROUP presents you a large range of substitution prestigious mobile home containers for you to choose, all completely furnished, mounted and transported on site. They are directly ready for use.

With our integrated service, we are here for you with our expert consulting from assembly to start-up. We have also made different ways of funding available for you, so that a flexible planning is guaranteed.

Using recyclable and low-emission raw material is one of DEUTSCHE INDUSTRIEBAU GROUP’s convincing features. In this way we make our contribution to the environment protection.


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Dormitories & accommodations
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