Public Buildings

Modern administration and office buildings by modular construction

Here you can find a variety of requierement features.

For the construction of office and administration buildings, the DEUTSCHE INDUSTRIEBAU GROUP combines functionality with stylish design. Our container and modular units are available for you with customized design according to individual concepts it includes EDP cable system, illumination for VDU workstations, as well as an antistatic floor coating if required.

In order to create a healthy and comfortable working environment, contribute proactively to environment protection, the DEUTSCHE INDUSTRIEBAU GROUP uses only recyclable and low-emission materials.

Besides a short construction time and a budget-friendly, high-quality solution, we have also made our consulting service from concept implementation to key delivery available for you, a transition consulting plus different plans of financing like renting, purchasing and leasing.


Municipal Constructions
Premium line expansion modules
Design & ambiance in modular construction




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